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Mar 17, 2009
Expats Workforce Drops in Kuwait
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article

For the first time, after almost 18 years since the 1990 Iraqi invasion, expatriates workforce in Kuwait decreased due to the continuing economic recession felt around the globe.


Almost .85% declined on foreign workers was recorded. From the previous 1.77 million foreign workers in 2007 almost 2 million numbers were dropped in 2008 with just 1.75 million.


Based on Kuwait Census, expatriates have higher birth rates rather than Kuwaiti citizens differing workforce and population figures.


Public Authority for Civil Information website shows statistics that tells Expatriates still make up 68.4 percent of the total population, but it slightly go down from the 69% figure for 2007.


Asians remains the largest foreign workers by number in Kuwait having 263,000 of or almost 78 percent were employed in the public sector. Only 4% 1.71 million of them worked in a private sector.


Kuwaiti citizens number 1.087 million, 31.6 percent of the Gulf state's total population.


Because of the economic slowdown, that leads a raft of Kuwaiti firms to lay off foreign workers, saw the proportion of citizens in the workforce rise 3.7 percent to 336,000 last year, compared with 324,000 at the end of 2007.


The effect of the decrease number of expatriates in Kuwait will be seen to the slow movement of its economy and the increasing rate of unemployment in the country since 1991.


Kuwait depends a lot in foreign workers since there are more registered and working expatriates in their country compared to their own citizens.

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