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Mar 14, 2009
Coping With Unemployment In Dubai
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At a time of global financial crisis that had shaken the economy of supposedly the most powerful nation in the world, no company or individual can afford to feel secure.  Everybody must think of ways on how to cope and prepare for the worst days even if one is in a city with super economy and immense wealth such as Dubai.


Apparently, Dubai being hit with the crisis is not impossible as this powerful city is not only affected by the worldwide decline in oil prices; it also houses many international companies that may suffer from bad credit and low production.


Therefore foreign workers of certain industries in Dubai face the threat of mass layoff and even the end of benefits of a tax-free lifestyle. If ever you find yourself unemployed in Dubai, what are the things you can do find another job?


Finding a new job can be stressful in Dubai as you only have a month to find a new employer. One needs to be active and be resourceful by sending applications personally to different companies, seek the help of recruitment companies, talk to former colleague and associates to be informed of vacancies and others.


If you are lucky to be employed within a month, secure a certificate of no objection from your former employer so your employment visa will now be sponsored by your new employer.


Since the reason for your sudden layoff is due to the crisis and not because of bad work performance, your former employer is expected to be supportive of your job hunting and the process of getting a new sponsor for your work visa will be easier.


If your former company that continues its operations fails to give you your last salary and other benefits, you are entitled to file a complaint and claim your money but it is also important to be patient and cautious in doing this as you face the risk of being deported.


Go to the Ministry of Labour calmly as they extend assistance to those with legitimate case. Some are even given temporary work permits that allow them to stay in UAE even beyond the one month grace period.


The court system is your next option if ever the Ministry fails to resolve the complaint. You will need to request a formal letter specifying your complain from the court. The letter will then be presented to the Department of Naturalisation and Residency and the Ministry of Labour. Upon doing so, the time allowed for you to stay in Dubai is expected to be extended.


The situation would be different if one gets fired in a company that closes down. As guidelines pertaining to these cases changes from time to time, seeking an advice from the Ministry of Labour is recommended. You will have no difficulty transferring to a new employer if you have an attested certificate of company closure. However, you still need to have a new job within the allowed period of one month before your visa expires.


In the end, if the only option you have is to leave Dubai and go back home, then there are a number of things you must take care of in a short period of time. If you are renting a house, you need to talk to your landlord to settle bills or refund some amount from advanced payment. If you are a home owner, selling it may be the best option because at present, real estate is booming in UAE. Other things that you may need to consider are selling other properties such as car, shipment of your belongings, taking care of the school records of your children, etc.

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