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Apr 4, 2009
More Job Opportunities in Canada
- Angelica Cruz Email this article

Canada is one of the front running countries in terms of economic stability. Their status remains stable these past years and was predict to continue its position in the coming years despite of the global crisis. However, Canada is lacking in skilled workers because of the slow birthrates and rapid aging of its people. These problem faced by Canadians was seen as a solution by the Philippine government to the rapid unemployment record in the country.


The Philippine government had a good relationship with Canada in terms of immigration. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) with Canadian prime provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba. These provinces will be needing thousands of skilled workers to sustain the rapid growth of their industries. The agreement also includes the terms and conditions of both countries regarding immigration.


More job opportunities for our medical practitioners emerges as number of healthcare units demands more nurses, caregivers and doctors to sustain the rapid growth of ill people in Canada.


The province of Alberta is known for its success in Oil and Mining Industry despite of the crisis in crude oil in the Middle East. They will be providing:

·         400, 000 jobs for the next two years will be given to industrial workers. They are calling out the attention of Engineers, drillers and other laborers who has knowledge in oil industry.

·         4, 000 licensed medical practitioners (nurses, caregivers, practical nurses) are also needed due to the increase of healthcare demand.


The province of Saskatchewan demands foreign skilled workers for their on going projects in modernizing their industry. The province are expanding their medical care unit for the past years, they’ll require more registered nurses and caregivers.


The province of Manitoba accepts thousands of skilled workers this year. The demand for more experienced medical practitioners are still increasing that is why the province of Manitoba is still open for applications. There are various company aside from the Medical Care Unit that need the expertise of Filipinos. The construction industries also need foreign workers.


Same with other provinces of Canada, British Columbia open doors for Filipino medical workers who want to earn more. Aside from medical practitioner they also provide 30, 000 jobs for Engineers, Mason, and construction workers for their preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics.


The DOLE is still under negotiations with other Canadian provinces and expects to increase job opportunities for our OFWs. And lastly, Canada had agreed that there’s NO PLACEMENT FEE required for those who want to work in their country. Both governments (CANADA and Philippines) are looking forward to see good number of OFWs in the next coming years that will surely give high benefits on the two counties.


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