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Feb 18, 2009
How to Live and Work in Athens
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article


Athens is known for its culture and fascinating stories of Greek mythology. Home of the greatest philosopher like Socrates and where Aphrodite and Zeus rests. The birthplace of the most prestigious sport event in the world, Olympics. Athens may be one of the oldest cities in the world but this marvelous city managed to keep their rich culture. Athens, Greece is part of the European Union and known as the 32nd richest city in the world.


Because of its economic stability, Athens is one of the most favored countries in terms of foreign workers destination. There are 30, 000 Filipino working in Greece with 7, 000 works in Athens. There are also retirees from EU and Non EU countries that chose to retire and spend their life to Athens. Because of its captivating beauty and historical ambience the city became the chosen paradise of expatriates.


How to work and live in Athens?


Greece has an old school process in granting work permits. Up to this date, Greece does not issue a rule or procedures which are updated and much easy for non EU members. Furthermore, although there are some that require skilled workers, Athens has more job opportunities for non skilled workers.


Before moving in Athens to work, applicant must first seek an employer. The employer will be the one who will file for request visa of the worker to the ministry of Labor which will decide and make final decision.


Upon approval, the documents will be passed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process would take long; they will give the authorization to the Greek Consulate to process your application and send your visa directly to your present address, once approved.


You will be granted an automatic residence visa valid for 1 year and will be renewable five times. Greece is strict when it comes to their tax rules. In order for you to prolong your stay (if you’re contract has expired) make sure that you have a clean record on paying taxes and health insurance.


Jobs in Athens


Athens is a non English speaking country, 99% of its people speak Greek and only 1% speaks French or English. Because of this, English speaking expatriates or foreign workers can apply as English teachers or Tutors. There are big opportunities awaits English teachers plus the beautiful incentives that they offer.


Engineering and Construction jobs are also open in Athens. In Athens, working in a construction is one of the highest paying jobs in the City.


Athens, Greece is really a paradise for expatriates. Aside from the fact that it is rich with history and captivating beauty, the most amazing fact about it is that Athens is the right place to have a new life.
























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