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Mar 7, 2009
High Demand of English Teachers in Asia
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article

Asian countries such as Japan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea are providing big budget and extra time to learn English. “It’s never too late” may be the principle of these non English speaking countries to learn the universal language used around the world.


Big compensation fees and benefits are granted to the teachers. Some people in Asia and even from the pacific enroll in online teaching. Philippines and other English-speaking countries, open online teaching programs for those who want to learn the language at home. However, Japan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea prefer face to face teaching that’s why they are opening their doors for foreign immigrant teachers.


Chinese parents are now enrolling their children to special English classes. Local governments in China are looking for highly motivated instructors to teach the language.

Benefits and perks are offered to all applicants. Free air fare is included along with a promise of high salary. Big cities in China like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou offers more for English professionals. China does not have plenty of restrictions; qualified applicants must be a graduate in a good university, must provide legal documents and must have an teaching experience.


Earn 8 million rupiah or $900 per month in Indonesia. Indonesia’s economy maintains its good position despite of world crisis. The government is stricter in terms of immigration because of the number of illegal immigrants working in the country. However, Indonesian government is willing to place more money for the addition of English classes on local schools. The offers in teachers here are bigger compared to other Asian countries.


Japan government is serious to train their people English language. Japan Exchange and Training Program are giving out contracts to 6,000 language assistants. The applicant must be under 40 years old and has a degree in Education from a good university. Lucky participants may receive 1 year renewable contract that would allow them to teach in either private or public schools. The salary given is ¥3,600.000 or $29,000 a month aside from the return airfare for those who completed their contract.


Like Japan, Korea is giving out good compensation packages for foreign English teachers. Although the salary is less higher than in Japan, they offer plenty of benefits to qualified applicants. Private recruiters’ offer $1,450-$1,600 with free accommodation, return airfare, medical insurance, bonuses and paid holidays. Interested applicants should be 3-4 year college degree holder and has TEFL certificate.

Ministry Education of Korea runs English in Korean Program that send 1,600 native English speakers in schools. The salary is 1.7-2 million won with return airfare, medical insurance, free accommodation and bonus.


On the other hand, Taiwan and Thailand are also in need of English teachers. In Taiwan, they are paying NT$550 per hour. A medical certificate from Taiwan is also required along with your college transcript of records and diploma.

Major cities in Thailand, especially Bangkok, already established vast number of English schools but they still need plenty of English teachers to teach in other provinces and cities.


Asia are not the only continent that needs English Teachers, even in America where English is the national language is in need of language teachers. The benefits and high wages are overwhelming, plus the opportunity to teach and show your skills and competence abroad.


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