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Jan 9, 2004
Bright Employment Prospects in the UAE for 2004
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The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Abu Dhabi reported of a possible increase in the deployment of Filipino workers to the UAE during the first quarter of 2004 based on the employment opportunities for Filipino workers that are expected in the following sectors: construction, tourism, health and related services, information technology, oil industry, and household.

  • Construction and tourism. Various skill such as engineers, welders and other skills will be needed in view of the on-going construction of man made islands in the Northern Emirates which are meant to serves as residential areas and leisure sites. Upon completion, these islands, being tourist attractions, will require service workers such as gardeners, waiters/waitresses, and other hotel staff. The Filipinos presently dominate the hotel industry in the UAE.

  • Health and related services. New hospitals and private clinics (both dental and medical) are being built in the UAE in line with the country’s objective of providing more health care to nationals and expatriates alike. Filipino medical professionals are highly preferred in this sector.

  • Oil industry. The hiring of Filipinos who are formers refinery workers will continue in this sector where Filipinos occupy technical support position. The top engineering positions are filled up by Americans, British, and Europeans.

  • Household services. The influx of Filipino household workers, who constitute the bulk of the deployment to the UAE, will continue at a steady pace.

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