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Dec 15, 2008
How to Work and Live in Switzerland
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More beneficial lifestyle is granted to those retirees who want to spend the rest of their days in Switzerland.


Why stay in Switzerland?

Switzerland is not only known for its mouth watering chocolates and high end watches, it is one of the wealthiest country in the world. Switzerland is a federal governed country, consisting of 26 cantons (states) located in West Europe.


Switzerland is known for its alluring surroundings and romantic places like Geneva and Berne. It has a high cost of living because of its stable stand in economy. Last year, despite of the recession and economic downfall felt by other first world countries they still manage to earn gross national income of $427.074 billion.


How to be qualified?

You must be at least 55 years old to be qualified. The government allows you to bring your family; you can bring your wife and children not more than 18 years old.


French, Italian, German and Rumantsch are the four languages spoken in Switzerland. Learning the language is necessary but not legally required. English-speaking retirees need not to worry because most Swiss can speak English well.


To live in Switzerland, you must process legal documents. You must get Swiss Residence Permit if you wish to stay here. The certificate that the government issues is your official and legal paper that indicates your rights and conditions along with the permission to stay in the city that you choose to live.


Switzerland issue several residential permits. If you wish to stay 180 days or more, then you can avail the B permit. It gives you an opportunity to bring your family. However, it will not give you rights to venture in some businesses nor be self-employed.


If you stay more than 5 to 10 years in the country, you can upgrade your permit to class C. It allows you to stay permanently in Switzerland and grant you rights to buy properties or move in other cities.


The CE permit is only given to EU or European Union residence only. It is equivalent to the B permit although the rights are not the same. However, it is similar with the C permit holders in terms of the benefits. They can buy properties, be self employed and move within the premise of Switzerland.


 Taxes to be paid

 The government requires you to pay tax or what they called as lump sum taxation. This is an annual payment based on your rental dues. However, the tax that they are providing is based on your expenditures and not your annual income.


 The lifestyle

 Switzerland is a wealthy country and so it has a high cost of living but some of its cities are cheaper compared to other cities in Europe. Living in Switzerland gives you a right to rent or own a house.


Switzerland offers good education. Some prestigious universities and colleges are located here. There are universities that follow US and other country’s curriculum so your child will not be left behind.


 The medical care in Switzerland is higher compared to other countries. The best of modern medical equipments and updated treatments are provided to patients. If you become a Swiss resident, you are obliged to get a private medical insurance.


 Switzerland has a low crime rate; protection and security are well implemented in the country.


 A great lifetime experience awaits those who dream to live and stay in Switzerland.

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