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Oct 24, 2008
More Americans Choose to Settle Abroad
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The number of Americans that are leaving or have plans to leave their country is increasing. This new phenomenon in America is said to be common among the wealthy and young professionals. More and more are choosing to seek opportunities and challenges overseas.


While Europe is still the most common destination for American immigrants, some choose to settle in places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other Asian countries.


Most who are leaving America are professional and skilled workers such as businessmen, teachers, IT professionals, etc. while some are retirees who are maximizing their pension and retirement money by settling overseas

According to a report from the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, there are about 4 to 7 million Americans living abroad. The current problems in politics and economy make the prospect of migrating more appealing for US citizens, but experts claim that the reason for the immigration wave is not really a political statement.


The reason behind the American emigration varies and change in time, meaning the decision to move abroad is an individual and personal decision.


Robert Adams of New Global Initiatives said "The only Americans who understand what's going on are those living abroad. There is no movement, no leader. It's just millions of people making individual decisions to do it."

It can be said that this phenomenon is also partly an effect of the globalization. Working and living abroad is definitely easier now with all the latest technology that makes the world a smaller place. Moving abroad is not a very hard decision to do as there are many options available to keep in touch with their naïve country


Adams added, “While people are looking for something new, they're not giving up their citizenship."


Americans abroad in their search for brighter opportunities and a new way of life becomes part of the international development, a global economic shift, thus helping not only the American economy but economies in other parts of the world prosper.


John Wennersten, a retired historian and author of Leaving America: The New Expatriate Generation said, "From computer consulting firms in Hong Kong to bagel shops in Budapest. Americans are helping to revitalize or sustain economies that are receptive to Western entrepreneurship."


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