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Dec 8, 2008
Safe Travel with Children
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Expatriates who move to another country to work often bring their families with them and a lot of those who travel abroad for employment or immigration have kids younger than thirteen. Travelling with kids this young can be fun, but it can also be frustrating - especially if the parents are not fully prepared for the trip. Another concern that parents have when traveling with kids is their safety. Losing a kid in an airport crowd can be easier than you think. Aside from that, there is always the threat of abduction and accidents. Below are a few tips to help expats and tourists travel safely abroad with their kids.


 Keep an Eye on the Kids


There is nothing more important than keeping an eye on your children. On the plane or on the bus, make sure that your kids are safe by sitting beside them or as close as possible. If you end up on distant seats, try to see how you can remedy it. You may have to ask a person closer to your child to exchange seats with you. Sitting near to your children will help you keep a closer watch on them.

The same goes upon arrival. Hold your kids hand or carry them if possible. You could also let your child hold on to you if you need your hands free. If you are travelling with your spouse or a companion, one of you should always be looking after the children at any given time.


Dress Right


Expats emigrating from a country with a different climate than their destination’s often find that they are not dressed for the weather. To avoid this, a potential expat must take time to research about his/her destination before traveling abroad. If you come from the tropics and are on your way to New Zealand, it is best to stock up on warmer clothes.

Then again, you could never predict how the weather will go. To make sure that you and your children are dressed right, keep coats and jackets handy. Umbrellas, sun hats and raincoats are also helpful.

Not dressing properly can expose your children to unfavorable weather. Keep them safe and healthy by making sure they are constantly warm, dry and protected.


ID your Kids


For an expat or for any parent, losing your child in a foreign place is a nightmare. In order to find your kid easily, have them wear bracelets, small IDs or small badges with their names and your contact details. This will help other people identify them and help you find them faster. You could also place contact details that trace back to your home country.

Inversely, you should avoid dressing your children in clothes that have their names on it. This will only make them targets for strangers who wish to abduct them. Children traveling with their parents abroad should be dressed plainly and appropriately. Avoid anything too flashy.


Travel with Informed Kids


Another great tip for expats and immigrants travelling abroad is to travel with informed children. Give your children instructions on what they should or shouldn’t do. Inform them to never talk to or accept anything from strangers. Have them call out ‘Stranger Danger’ when they feel threatened by somebody they don’t know. It is also important to have your kids bring a fully charged mobile phone. Place the mobile in their pockets or in their bags. These phones will be instrumental in helping them call you and vice versa.

You should also brief your kids on the things they should say, if they ever find themselves lost or in danger. Have them memorize your name, your address, you contact number, etc.


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