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Jan 9, 2009
Saskatchewan: Canada’s Bread Basket
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Saskatchewan is one of the most prosperous prairie provinces of Canada. It borders Alberta, the Canadian Northwestern Territories, Manitoba and certain American States. Saskatchewan is also referred to as SASK. Regina is the province’s capital with Saskatoon as its largest city. Prince Albert, Yorkton, Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Swift Current are also primary Saskatchewan cities. English is the major language spoken in Saskatchewan and the province has an estimated population of over a million.


This province is known as Canada’s bread basket. Forty five percent of the entire country’s wheat production comes from Saskatchewan. It also produces other grains including: rye, oats, canola, peas, flax and lentils, barley and canary seed. Beef production is also a prominent industry in Saskatchewan. The province is also known for mining – they are currently the world’s biggest uranium and potash exporter.


Saskatchewan, like the rest of Canada has a very distinct four season weather pattern. Winter usually starts around November. Winters in the Southern parts of Saskatchewan can be mild, but Northern Saskatchewan often suffers from bitter cold winters. Spring starts around April and continues until May and July. Saskatchewan benefits from cool summer winds that blow from the United States. Summers in Saskatchewan are usually dry and very warm. The province experiences the most sunshine than any other Canadian province.


Before European settlement, Saskatchewan was mostly populated by Native Americans. Today, the province’s population is very varied. People from all over the world come to Saskatchewan, seeking employment and a change in scenery. The majority of Saskatchewan’s population is still composed of locals, but the number of expats from every corner of the world is growing yearly.

Salary Guide and Cost of Living

Most expats and immigrants will find that the salary rate in Saskatchewan is lesser compared to salary rates in the US and the United Kingdom. But, this is augmented by a great healthcare system, low cost of living and affordable housing. The province has the lowest housing costs in all of Canada and almost anybody can afford to buy their own house there.

Healthcare for Expats

Saskatchewan has one of the most advance health care systems in the world. The province’s health care system is funded by the local and Canadian government. Expats who come to Saskatchewan for employment or immigration are required to register for health coverage. Coverage will begin three months after date of registration. During the 3-month period, the expat’s healthcare is covered by their previous provider. Spouses and dependents of expatriates and immigrants are also covered by the Saskatchewan health care system.

Expats and newcomers to Saskatchewan may register for health care coverage using application forms available in administrative offices all over the province. Application may also be done online.

Work Opportunities in Saskatchewan

There are a lot of work opportunities available in Saskatchewan, Canada. Locals and expats alike find themselves in a province and a country that aims to make sure that its residents find worthwhile employment. Expats that move to Saskatchewan, Canada can find employment in every work sector from construction to healthcare.

Each year more and more expats are taking the chance to work and live in Saskatchewan because of the many opportunities that it has to offer. It is certainly one of the best destinations for individuals and families who want to live abroad.




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