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Sep 26, 2008
Post-Study Work Visa in UK Now Possible
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The United Kingdom (UK) has a new visa scheme called Post-study work visa for international students from the non-member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). After studying in UK for at least one year or obtaining an undergraduate or postgraduate certificate/diploma, foreign students are now entitled to a two-year work visa.


The new visa policy also takes away the required work sponsor to qualified foreign students. Previous visa scheme, which is the International Graduate Scheme (IGS) requires foreign students from non-member countries of the EEA to get a work sponsor before they can apply for a job and are only allowed to work in UK for one year.


Neil Gaskin, International Student Adviser of the University of Wales, Swansea, said,

"Now they have decided that they can give students two years which actually we think is a good move because itís been very hard for students to get any valuable professional type job when they got only a 12-month visa. Many employers would not want to commit to someone who could only stay for 12 months. Two years looks like a much better investment."


Foreign students in UK are happy with this development as it would give them an opportunity to acquire great work experiences before going back to their native country. Those who have completed studies in UK but have already returned to their country are still covered by this type of visa. However, they only have one year after obtaining their certificates /diploma from UK learning institutions to apply for the new work visa.


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