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Aug 26, 2008
Reminders for Safe Travel to America
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Foreigners who are about to leave or enter United States of America (USA) are reminded that there are strict travel policies that they must follow to avoid hassles and embarrassment. Be reminded that a wise traveler is always aware of the immigration rules and travel advisory of any country they wish to visit.


Hereís a list of some of the prohibited items that a traveler cannot bring in the land of Stars and Stripes.


Cash amounting to more than USD 10,000: This is included in the list of things that you cannot bring when traveling to and from America. Immigration policy in US states that it is illegal to import and export over USD 10,000 in any Asian countries to prevent the possibility of supporting terrorism.


Fake signature items: Do not attempt to bring imitation items such as Louis Vuitton bags, Guess watches, etc. as you risk being questioned by the custom officers of America.


Pirated DVDís/CDís: The call to eradicate piracy is worldwide so pirated video and audio tapes are banned. It doesnít matter if it is only one or two pirated CDís with you, you will still be questioned and punished.


Pirated Books:  As requested by the American Association of Publishers (AAP), custom officials in America are also on the lookout for pirated books. Any traveler caught with fake print materials is charged with violation of intellectual property rights and will be automatically deported as punishment.

If you are a nurse or nursing student that wishes to take NCLEX or CGFNS in USA, make sure that your reviewers and reference books are not pirated.


Other Reminders:


The US Immigration is serious in implementing these policies because grave punishment awaits law offenders. The rule applies even to American Citizens. While visas of non-Americans are canceled and deported, US citizens are arrested, undergo a criminal trial and pay civil fines.

Also, all ports of entry in America now follow a fingerprinting system. Travelers are advised to bring extra identification cards aside from passport to facilitate entry in the US Immigration.


An Unfortunate Story


This incident happened in real life and was shared by a Filipino employed as Immigration Inspector at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


A Filipino-American citizen about to go on a vacation to the Philippines was detained by an Airport Immigration agent after her baggage was checked and gone through the X-ray machine.


Then she was randomly checked and was instructed to reveal the contents of all the envelopes inside her bag. Ten envelopes with money amounting to USD 11,000 for various people in the Philippines were found. She was held for almost 5 hours and so missed her flight back to the Philippines.


When questioned, the Fil-Am traveler said that she doesnít know the contents of the envelopes as they were sealed and were only padalas of fellow Filipinos.       


However, even if she claims ignorance, she was made to pay USD 500 as fine. That is not all, the Immigration department also labeled her name ďredĒ meaning every time she travels, she will undergo 100% search.


This should have been easily prevented with right knowledge and taking precautionary measures in traveling.

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