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Aug 29, 2008
Teaching Jobs in Thailand
- Glaiza Anne S. Wood Email this article

Work in Thailand

In the last few years Thailand has been importing foreign teachers. This is an attempt by the country to augment the need for proficient English speaking teachers in their schools. If you are a teacher, then you have the chance of moving to Thailand.

Most teachers in Thailand earn upwards of 1500 US dollars monthly. The salary rate is higher in private institutions compared to government and public schools. Teachers can also work in hotels in Thailand. Most of the top hotels in the country house English language trainers for their staff. This type of job is often easier than teaching in school and the pay is good too.

Having a training certificate in TESL or Teaching English as a Second Language may not be necessary. But it will certainly give the applicant an edge over the competition.  Some schools even give applicants a bonus if they have had TESL training before application.

Why English?                                

With students whose English skills are less than desirable. And with the world being more globally connected English skills are becoming all the more imperative. That is why other Asian countries now are looking for teachers who can conduct classes in perfect English.

Other Subjects

Other than the pressing need for English teachers in Thailand, the country is also in need of teachers proficient in other subjects. They are hiring English speaking teachers no matter what their base subjects are. This is all part of the plan to allow their younger generation to learn English proficiently.

Finding a Job

Teachers who wish to teach in Thailand can find a job among the many recruitment agencies in the country. They can also try their luck at one of the job hunting sites all over the internet. However, teachers should always be wary of the threat of illegal recruitment. Before investing anything they should always see to it that the processes are legal. They can verify with the Thai Ministry of Education to see if the school they are applying to is legitimate.

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