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Aug 22, 2008
Expatriate Health Care and Overseas Welfare
- Glaiza Anne S. Wood Email this article

Health Care is always something that should be taken seriously. The sad truth is that health care is innately costly and complicated no matter where it is found. People who live all their lives in one country get used to the local processes. But, what about those who move to another place? What about Expatriates?  What are their options when it comes to Health Care and Overseas Welfare?

Is Expatriate Health Care Necessary?

Yes! Expatriate Health care is extremely necessary because people can never know how the tides will turn. Even those who can claim good health can never really guard against accidents. Expats should not wait until the last minute to find a health care provider. Most expatriates have several options that they can choose from. Some expats are afforded health care benefits by their employers. Others can get health insurance from private agencies. Some can get health care if the government agrees to provide for them. No matter how an expat gets access to health care and overseas welfare, the important thing is that he/she does.

Here are a few options he can choose from:

Government Provided Health Care Benefits

Most expats who reside legally in a new country are privy to health care benefits provided by the government. Even if the person in question is just there on work or student visas, he still has a certain degree of access to government-provided health benefits. The news is better for immigrants. Immigrants are entitled to the same benefits that a native resident is.

An expat must keep in mind that the degree of health care provided by the government is greatly dependent on itsí finances. Richer countries ultimately have better health care systems. Some impoverished countries may have little to none. This is an important factor than an expatriate must consider when it comes to his health care and overseas welfare.

Employment Associated Health Insurance

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid personally applying for health insurance is by finding an employer who will do that. Most employers are mandated by the government to provide their employees with health insurance benefits. So, if an expat is looking to get health insurance, being hired by a responsible employer is the best thing that can happen. Dependents may be included in the health insurance draft. However, that depends entirely on the health insurance policy.

Specialized Expatriate Health Care Policies

Expats who constantly move from one place to another are better suited for specialized expatriate health care policies. This is an assurance that no matter where an expat finds himself - he will have a health policy to fall back on. Most of the time expats use this type of health insurance to ensure that they can go home when they fall ill. This type of health insurance often has higher premiums than regular policies.

Local Health Insurance Agency

For those people who stay in a new country for good, taking out health insurance from local agents is the best way to go. Premiums are often cheaper this way and the expatriate can have access to the agency any time he needs to.

Emergent Health Insurance

Some people find that all they need is Emergent Health Insurance. This type of health insurance covers any emergency medical needs. In the event of catastrophic accidents, expats can use these policies to help them through.


As always, prevention is key. In order to avoid unnecessary health related expenses the expat must be aware of his health status. If he is prone to hypertension or diabetes, then he should take measures against those diseases. The same goes for other conditions. Nothing should be taken for granted. Medical assistance should be sought before a simple cold turns into full blown pneumonia.

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