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Jul 29, 2008
Most In demand Jobs in America
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More and more industries in America are facing labor shortage leaving US companies no choice but to offer employment opportunities to foreign workers. The main reason for this is the retirement of the baby boomers generation.

So if you want to work in America, now is the opportune time to pursue you dream but first you need to know if your profession is wanted in the USA.  The 2007 Talent Shortage survey conducted by Manpower Inc. lists the following as the most sought after job in America nowadays. If you see your profession in the list, then you can be assured of a high paying job with great benefits.

Sales Representatives: Applicants must be a graduate of a four-year course. Those whose specialization is in the field of marketing, communication, or business are preferred. Excellent oral and written communication skills are also an important requirement.

Average salary: USD 40,868

Teachers: Teachers from the primary to the collegiate level is needed in America nowadays. Applicants must have a degree in education or expertise in a particular field. A masteral and doctoral degree has great advantage.

Average Salary: USD 45,000

Mechanics: Must show a certification that one has a completed a formal training program. The training can be taken in high school, in a vocational school or a college. Job experience as a mechanic is an advantage.
Average salary: USD 43,760

Engineering technician: An associate degree in engineering technology from a technical institute, vocational school or community college, creativity and good communications skills.
Average salary: USD 47,759

Drivers: Specifically truck drivers for freight and delivery is needed. Must have a valid driver's license, untainted driving record and with skill and knowledge to operate trucks or machinery.
Average salary: USD 29,870 -- USD 43,053

Accountants: Must be a graduate of an Accountancy course and with Professional license. Must be proficient in accounting and auditing computer software. Degree in post-graduate courses is an advantage.

Average salary: USD 52,940

Construction Workers: Must show relevant work experiences and certification of formal training in an apprenticeship programs.
Average salary: USD 40,658

Machine Operators: Must have finished an apprentice program in a technical/vocational school for machine operator. Relevant work experiences and formal trainings are a must.

Average salary: USD 30,176

*Salary information provided by and includes benefits and bonuses.

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