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Jun 19, 2010
Best Countries for Expats
- Glaiza Anne S. Wood Email this article


When Switzerland is mentioned, one of the first things that come to people’s minds is Swiss Banks, Swiss cheese, Swiss Army Knives and chocolate. But, there is far more to Switzerland than just chocolate, cheese, money and handy cutlery. The country has one of the richest economies in the world. And the scenery there is to die for. Seeing the Swiss Alps is often a spiritual encounter. Switzerland also has one of the best environmental records in the world.

The only problem with Switzerland is that the cost of living is very high. It is far more expensive to live in Switzerland than it is to live in France and the United States.

United States

The United States is continually dubbed as the land of opportunity. People from all over the globe flock to this country in order to get their slice of the American dream! For a lot of them, the US is their gateway to the world. Once they have established themselves there, they can go anywhere.

The country is home thousands of expats from all parts of the world. North America is considered a great place to live because of a lot of things. The US healthcare system may not be as good as France or Switzerland but the country is still home to a lot of the best healthcare facilities in the world. The country may also fall short when it comes to opportunities for leisure and cultural experience. However, it makes up for such shortcomings in a lot of other ways.

The cost of living in the United States is far more affordable than the cost of living in both France and Switzerland. Plus, the country is amicable to her foreign visitors and immigrants. Moving to the US legally is definitely not as complicated as it is in France

The Rest of the World

Other countries like Germany, Australia, Italy and the Netherlands managed to land in the top 10. Without a doubt, expats will like living in those countries. On the other side of the spectrum however lies Iraq. Based on the Index alone it can be said that Iraq is one of the worst countries an expat can be in. The cost of living is too high and the rest of her values are just too low.

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A smiple and intelligent point, well made. Thanks! - Juan
xSukSE lowrbwe - Ysioei
Iraq was great country to live until Usa start agg - Ihman
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