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Jun 19, 2010
Best Countries for Expats
- Glaiza Anne S. Wood Email this article

Migration and overseas travel has always been a part of the world’s history. Expatriates have existed from the very first time prehistoric man moved over land bridges to get to another continent. People move for a whole lot of reasons. Some of them leave their country of origin for financial needs. Some move for the romance of it. Others move for their health and well being. Still others move just because they want to. All this migration has led some people to consider: What is the best country for expats?

What is an Expat?

As surprising as it may seem, there are a lot of people out there who do not exactly know what an expat is. It is therefore necessary that the term be defined first. An expat or expatriate is a term used to refer to someone not living in their country of birth or origin. It doesn’t matter whether they are a legal resident of their new country or not. Neither does it matter if they are living there permanently or just for a short while, they are still referred to as Expats.

Life as an Expat

Life as an Expat can either be very difficult or very easy. It all depends on the country that they are currently in. The harsher the country is to live in the harder an Expats’ life is. But, most of the time Expats are able to cope with their new environment. They often find that life gets easier once they get used to to their new country. After all, for most countries, the hard part is only at the beginning. 

Best Countries for Expats. It still remains that some countries are just better to live in than others. Some have better health care systems, better transportation units and so on. Below are the top 3 countries to live in if you are an Expat.


France has always been a favorite among poets, artists and romantics the world over. Apparently, gay Paris appeal extends to expats too. The country is home to the Louvre, Champs Elyse and the famous (sometimes infamous) Eiffel Tower.  It is also the home of the croissant, sidewalk crepes, and Cannes 

The country has been painted as a place where residents can have the best quality of life they could wish for. France has one of the best transportation systems in the world. Her railways give her access to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Health Care service is also great in France. It is a country of cultural opportunities and unsurpassed style.


The only problem with France is the seemingly unending paperwork needed to be able to live in the country legally. But once Expats get past that, life is easy in France. The country is also very tolerant to people of all races and nationalities.

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Iraq was great country to live until Usa start agg - Ihman
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