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Jul 15, 2008
Start a Career as a Travel Writer
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The Basics

Live the Job. The major and initial requirement to be a travel writer is the most obvious…of course you need to be an experienced traveler. You should have at least visited six different destinations.

Be an Observer. You need to be genuinely interested with the unique place and culture of the place you visited for you to appreciate its beauty and significance. A good traveler takes note of even the most peculiar details in the new environment.

Record your Trips. It is a must to keep journal of your adventure trips even if you have a sharp memory. Write about your first stop, your first impression of the place, how you are feeling at the moment among others. This will be the blueprint if not actual articles that eventually will create profit for you.

Experience the Place. You don’t just travel and stay in one place. You visit a new place and immerse yourself in your new surroundings by coping with the local culture. You must be eager to savor the native delicacy and interact with the local folks among others. You not only broaden your horizons but also gift yourself with some new and unique knowledge and perspective.

Learn to Write. A degree in writing is not required. However note that travel writing is not quite so similar with just writing in a diary. An effective take writer provides the reader a glimpse of the place he/she is talking about. One must be able to almost take the reader to that place. Share as much information as you can.   

Profit Venue

There are various ways for you to earn money from traveling. The easiest is perhaps to start a blog. You may also want to compile all of your experiences and produced a complete comprehensive travel book or a guidebook.

Contact publishers in your area to get some funds or if you can afford it, why not venture into self publishing. You can also contribute your knowledge to other media like newspapers or TV shows about traveling, or apply as a writer for a travel website.


You may also offer tour packages where you conduct a series of lectures to educate aspiring travelers of the essential how to’s of being an expert traveler.



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