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Aug 19, 2003
Having a Successful Job Interview
- Blessy M. Feliciano Email this article
Did the HR call you in for an interview? Congratulations! You’re halfway there! But hey, before rushing to the “court room” of employment, you better read this article that can help you accomplish the stage that can make or break your aces.

With so many applicants in beeline for limited job slots, getting a chance for a job interview is something you have to thank and prepare for. Yes, it is a very important matter that you shouldn’t take for granted because how you present yourself to the employer will determine your chances of getting hired or getting fired from the shortlist. Unfortunately, too many applicants walk into an interview without knowing as much as they should about the industry, the company and its problems.

The following do’s and don’ts are the tried-and-tested reminders that you should take note of:

1. Have a practice interview. Visualize the entire interview, from start to finish. See yourself as performing with style and confidence. Ask a friend to play the interviewer's role and be realistic and smart enough to improve your answers as much as you can. Practice makes perfect, remember?

2. Know the company. It may not be a “must” but it is absolutely a “plus” because not everyone really takes time to research on the prospective employer and the position applied for. This extra effort will surely impress your interviewer and thus will add a considerable bonus point to your status.

3. Dress accordingly. The outcome of the interview will depend largely on the impression you make during the first five minutes. To succeed, you must project a professional, competent and enthusiastic image. Regardless of the position you’re applying for, it is a must that you wear proper business attire from head to toe. Believe in the saying that “First impression lasts” because you’ll never get the chance to project a better impression once you fail.

4. Don’t be late. Upon receiving the HR’s phone call, don’t be shy to ask for the complete address and directions on how to get there. The usual “traffic and far from my places” excuse won’t spare you from the delay so you better prepare your things beforehand, wake up early, and leave early for your appointment.

5. Be confident. A firm handshake is appropriate and projects confidence and sincerity. Unnecessary body gestures should be avoided. Listen attentively and speak intelligently.

6. Don’t be too confident. Enough confidence is good. Too much is deadly. Allow the interviewer to ask questions about you; do not take over the conversation that can lead to a monologue. Show them what you can offer to the company – not what they should offer you.

7. Be honest. Yes it is true that you should present yourself the best way you can, don’t forget that you are also “measuring” the job just like how the interviewer “measures” you. If you will lie and present yourself as an expert when you are not, it will backfire once you assume the position.

8. Don’t speak negative against your previous employers. No matter how bad they treated you, remember that you are talking to your potential employer and thus should behave properly. Bring the positive side! There's probably something good you learned from the experience.

9. Don’t be shy to pose questions when asked. Employers are as interested in your questions as they are in your answers. And they'll react favorably if you ask intelligent questions about the position, the company and the industry.

10. Send a Thank You letter after the interview. Again, it’s another bonus point because not everyone really takes time to express gratitude to the interviewer. In your letter, be sure to summarize your conversation and re-emphasize the skills you would bring to the position. Thank the person for the time and effort, and ask if it's all right to call later in the week to see how their search for a candidate is going. That candidate may well be you!


Good luck!

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