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Jul 4, 2008
The Perks Of Living In Western Australia
- Shiela Salvacion M. Virtusio Email this article

Planning to migrate to Western Australia?  Check out some of the perks of living in Australia’s largest state.

Despite being Australia's largest state, the population of Western Australia makes up only 10% of Australia's total population.  If you're really after that large space, just think twice of living in the state's capital - Perth.  Majority of the state's population is packed in this city.

Economic Height                                       

Western Australia's economy has been largely based on the extraction and export of mining and petroleum commodities, especially, iron, alumina, natural gas, nickel and gold.  Perth, in turn, has emerged as a significant administration center for businesses in the mineral and oil and gas industries. Given this pace, no one will surely be jobless in Western Australia.


With its brilliant blue skies, warm sunny climate and white sandy beaches, Western Australia is definitely a paradise.  And what makes it a perfect place to unwind is its collection of precious natural phenomena.  It is the home to the dolphins of Monkey Mia, the 350 million year-old Bungle Bungle range and to the towering forests of Karri.


Health is wealth indeed in Western Australia.  Western Australians enjoy high standard of health and a combination of public and private health insurance which might account for its lowest mortality rate of any Australian state.  Medicare Australia, the state's primary health program, provides basic hospital and medical expenses to its holders.  Best of all, Medicare is accessible even to newly arrived migrants!


Western Australia also thinks about its people's future.  Its Superannuation program is a savings program that helps workers to have money to live on when they retire.  Though not a requirement, every employed person in Australia is encouraged to join a superannuation fund.  Employers, on the other hand, are also required by the law to contribute to its employees’ fund.

The best is yet to come to this emerging super state.  And for sure, the best is yet to come to the people living and planning to settle here.

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