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Jun 27, 2008
Job Hunting In Manitoba
- Shiela Salvacion M. Virtusio Email this article

Working in Manitoba has two basic requirements - good English and Canadian work experience.  But the good thing about these strict requirements is that the Manitoba government is there to help.  It has a lot of free English classes for those who wish to improve their English.  And its community agencies are just a call away should you need assistance in looking for a job.

And the best part of working in Manitoba?  The government and the society itself are your best buddies in job hunting!  Read along and find out how jobseeker-friendly Manitoba is.

The "Hidden Job Market"

Most job openings are not advertised by Canadian employers.  To find opportunities, you must "network" and market yourself.  Talk to the people you know, or to the people they know, to discover current job openings.  Then contact the employers directly, and convince them that you are the one they are looking for. 

In case you are still building your social network, the Manitoba Companies Directory will be a very good friend.  It lists all businesses in Manitoba, and includes pertinent information about the companies including their contact information.

Job Fairs

Some companies in Manitoba hold job fairs where they invite jobseekers for a chance to be part of their circle.  ManitobaWorkinfo.Net has an online calendar that lists job fairs and other career-related events.


All community organizations in Canada - from social to religious to educational and medical organizations - welcome volunteers.  For the job hunter, it is a chance to widen your social network, practice your English, and obtain that Canadian working experience.  And the reward of helping the community - Canadian employers recognize volunteering as a work!


Some companies particularly those with Information Technology (IT), office or accounting needs hire outsourcing agencies to find employees.  These agencies in turn look for the people who can meet the qualifications set by employers.  The Servpro Manitoba directory lists the staffing employees you could contact.  Just have your profile added to their database, and you may expect job opportunities knocking at your door.


If you are still preoccupied and do not have time to look for a job yet, you can contact the 'headhunters'.  These private companies can be hired and they will be the ones to find you a job.

There are still a lot of ways to find a job and work in Manitoba.  The local government of Manitoba is still finding ways to help its newcomers land on their dream jobs.

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