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Apr 25, 2008
Prohibited Items When Entering Singapore
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Before taking your flight to Singapore, make sure that you do not have items that are prohibited when entering the country to avoid delay at the immigration. Foreigners who are planning to enter Singapore should avoid bringing porno magazines, gun-shaped lighters, and chewing tobacco.


Anyone who will be caught violating it is punishable by imprisonment and caning under the Arms Offences Act of Singapore.  


The following items are prohibited for all who wants to enter the Lion City:

  • firearms or firearms parts, including magazines
  • live bullets, including blanks, of small or large caliber for revolver, pistol, or rifle
  • air pistol or air rifle or parts
  • spear guns or cross bows
  • explosive blasting caps, dynamite, detonators, detonating cords
  • fireworks
  • spent or empty ammunition cartridges, including bullets rendered "safe’"
  • signal flares
  • tear-gas spray, pepper spray
  • walking stick with dagger
  • industrial acid and other corrosive substances
  • flick or fan knives, gravity knives
  • whips made from bicycle or motorcycle chains
  • nunchaku, knuckle dusters, ninja stars, throwing knives
  • stun guns and taser guns
  • toy guns that resemble real guns
  • bullet-proof vests
  • batons, t-baton, night sticks, truncheons, handcuffs
  • replica or dummy and model explosives
  • cornershot devices
  • lighters shaped like grenades, bullets, or firearms

Singapore also prohibits the importation of the following items:


  • chewing gum, except dental or nicotine gum
  • chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products
  • cigarette lighters of pistol or revolver shape
  • controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
  • endangered species of wildlife and their by-products
  • firecrackers
  • obscene articles, publications, video tapes or discs, and software
  • reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video compact discs (VCDs), laser discs, records or cassettes
  • seditious and treasonable materials

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