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Jun 17, 2008
Indonesian Beauty Experts Wanted Overseas
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

Indonesian beauty therapists, including masseuses and beauty experts are in-demand abroad since Indonesia is reputed for its leading international spa industry.


In an article published by the Jakarta Post, job vacancies overseas are waiting to be filled by Indonesians. Jumhur Hidayat, Board's chairman of the National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers said that more middle and high-skilled workers are set to fill job vacancies overseas. Canada is keen to hire spa therapists, Portugal wants sailors and Qatar wants energy experts.


The Indonesian government with the aim to develop the country has been promoting its medium and high skilled workers, since mid-2007. There are about some 30% of medium and high skilled Indonesians recorded in the past years.


Along with the deployment of Indonesians abroad, the government also wants to protect the right of Indonesian migrant workers. The government will set up job fair section in every sub-district for faster employment.


Jumhur said the office would provide information to those who want to work overseas, as well as linking people with local suppliers of migrant workers. Job fair section will also help eliminate brokers who are misguiding jobseekers.


They are now also targeting jobs for medium and high-skilled workers in new labor markets, including Australia which needs 400,000 workers, and improve recruitment and training at home.


Other countries that are in need of migrant workers are Malaysia (500,000 workers), Europe (200,000 workers) and Japan will hire 1,000 Indonesian nurses this year as part of the agreement recently signed between Indonesian-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.


Other countries with vacancies in medium and high-skilled works are: Qatar, New Zealand, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, Spain, and other Western European countries.


Medium and high-skilled workers will be needed in; manufacturing, plantation, construction, hospitality and tourism, oil and gas, shipping and nursery

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