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Jun 10, 2008
Protect Yourself from Scam
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

No matter how society tries to eradicate the proliferation of scammers and swindlers, they survive and evolve in different shapes and forms all hoping to victimize unsuspecting individuals. Sadly, no matter where you go, you face the risk of meeting scammers but even if they are inevitable, it doesnít mean that you can't avoid them.

Be wise and don't let it be robbed by taking note of the following warning signs and advice:

Beware of Unusually High Interest Rates. Be cautious and doubt its authenticity if you are offered an investment scheme that is too good to be true because the interest rates are much higher than the usual rates in the market. Before investing, research about the prevailing market rates for investment.

Beware of Vague Investment Plan. Itís a must that you fully understand any investment scheme that you will join. Itís not enough to rely on instinct alone. Ask for details as much as you can. Inquire about its process, terms and conditions, or demand for testimonials etc. A legitimate investment company will be able to clearly explain every tiny detail you will require.

Do Some Heavy Thinking. Any company that pressures you into accepting an investment scheme right away is most probably a hoax. Valid companies understand that you need time to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Do a Little Research. It is difficult to trust someone if you know nothing about him or her. The same is true with investment companies. So it is wise to know facts about the company, its track record, origin, owners, etc. and be cautious if a company has no portfolio to show or something you have not heard before. Some scammers may reason that they are unknown as their main branch is located overseas and they are just the offshore branch.

Know the Contact Information. You need to check your investment from time to time or have somewhere to go or contact if you have any concerns. So a legitimate company must have a physical office address, telephone number, etc.  

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