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Apr 18, 2008
Great Jobs for the Fresh Graduates
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For most people completing a four-year course brings a euphoria that only lasts for a while. Because after some time of glossing over your newly acquired bachelorís degree, the urgency to start a career path to pursue suddenly shines on you like a big, giant shadow.

It is time to face the real world and find out just how much can you offer and get with your university education. Fortunately, most companies are ready to welcome fresh graduates in their workforce. With their fresh ideas, optimism, and youthful energy, employers prefer the babe in the woods.  Some are given signing bonuses and higher starting salaries.

But who among the graduates are the most in-demand and sought after nowadays? The US National Association of Colleges and Employees said that graduates who majored in the following face favorable future:  business, finance and information technology.

The data gathered from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics produced the best jobs for new graduates:

Financial analyst
Median annual salary: USD 66,590

Computer systems analysts
Median annual salary: USD 69,760

Computer systems software engineers
 Median annual salary: USD 85,370

 Median annual salary: USD 54,630

Civil Engineers
Median annual salary: USD 68,600

Marketing managers
Median annual salary: USD 98,720

Financial managers
Median annual salary: USD 90,970

Chemical engineers
 Median annual salary: USD 78,860

Electrical engineers
 Median annual salary: USD 75,930

Mechanical engineers
Median annual salary: USD 69,850

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I graduated with the course Bachelor of Arts in ph - Sammy Husa. Agnol
fresh graduate of Bachelor science of interior des - Manilyn
I was a fresh graduate of Information Technology a - Donnaville De Leon
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