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May 16, 2008
Plan Your Budget Vacation in France
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Are you longing to roam the beautiful streets of France? Do you want to experience posh Parisian lifestyle and culture? Well you are definitely not alone. Many people want to visit France but are worried that it will take a toll on their budget as France is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.


But donít despair there are still ways for budget travelers to enjoy a vacation in France. Below are tips on how to do that:


Prepare. Nothing beats a good plan. Bring everything that you might need to avoid overspending and research everything about this country way before your vacation day comes.  Your itinerary must be carefully planned so youíll know where to go, what to do and the cheapest way to do it.


Shun the Four-Star Hotels. It wonít hurt if you stay in a cheaper board and lodging than in a high-class hotel. Besides you only need a place to stay during your vacation and you will probably spend most of your time outdoors.


Visit other cities in France. Of course you want to spend a day or two in Paris, but to see more of France, why not go to other less expensive cities there where there are less tourist so food and other essentials are more affordable. Cheaper cities in France are: Chartres, Bordeaux, Nice and Montpellier.


Visit France in Off-Peak Season. Airfare and hotel rates all rise during peak seasons like summer, early spring, and late fall when most people want to go on a vacation. To avoid the expensive rates, schedule your vacation during off-season to enjoy lower rates.


Try Camping in France. Camping is fairly common in France and the government has a standardized star rating for campgrounds. Rather than stay in hotels and board and lodging, try camping. Some four-star campgrounds provide more facilities than three-star hotel counterparts.


Enjoy Cheap Breakfast. Decline the offer of some hotels of complimentary breakfast because this usually just includes coffee, breads and pastries but can cost as much as 20 euros per person. Eat breakfast at a local bakery or pastry shop. Youíll get more and tastier food at more than half the price.


Explore France Economically. Instead of using expensive means of transportation like rental car, taxi rides, and long-distance point-to-point tickets to go from place to place in France, try the following alternatives: rail passes and buses.



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