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May 9, 2008
Labor Rights of Expat Workers in Ireland
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One European country that has been actively recruiting foreign workers nowadays especially in their healthcare sector is Ireland. More and more expatriate workers are entering Ireland, because aside from being the third freest economy in the world, it is also a great place to wok and live. What’s more, Ireland has a fair and clear defined legislation for foreign workers.

As an expatriate trying to make living in Ireland, knowing that your legal rights as a worker is protected will do more than let you sleep soundly at night. If you are thinking of going to Ireland to work, it will be wise if you prepare yourself by knowing your basic labor rights in Ireland.


What You Are Entitled To:


You have the right to know the terms and conditions concerning your job so a written and detailed employment contract should be presented to you. Some of the things that must be included in your contract are your salary, how is it computed and your rights and privileges.


You should be given a proper pay slip every payday. The pay slip must provide information about your gross and net take-home pay as well as all the deductions.


All workers in Ireland are entitled to receive at least minimum wage salary. Check to see if your salary is not below minimum wage. Also take note that minimum wage in Ireland increase each year.


The maximum working hours allowed each week is only 48 hours. You and your employer should keep a record of your working hours.


There should be time allowed for break period which will depend on the number of hours worked (e.g. 15-minute break for a 4 ½ working hours). This break is unpaid.


Regular and full time workers in Ireland enjoy at least 1 month paid leaves every year. Part time workers are also given paid leaves computed based on the number of their how working hours.


If your employer decides to fire you, you have the right to be given a minimum notice period so you can look for a new job.


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