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May 2, 2008
Retirement in Portugal
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You are now past the working age and have prepared (save enough money) well that you can afford to enjoy it anyway you want. There are various ways for you to make use of your retirement years and the choices where you can spend it.


Many retirees now consider the option of retiring abroad and one good option is Portugal. Planning ahead is important if you want to spend your retirement years abroad ad in this case, Portugal. Here are some of the things you may want to consider.


The Climate and Location. Choose a country where you think you’ll be most comfortable. If you choose Portugal, note that this country covers more than 91,000 square kilometers and go across a lot of different geographic regions. 


Its temperate climate is favorable and is said to be one of the best in the Algarve region in the south of the nation. Take note that in this region, nations in the far north area experience the worst winter seasons.


Your Money. You need to know the amount that you can afford to spend and if it will be enough to get you by in your retirement location. The value of your money’s currency, cost of living, etc. are just some of the factors to consider.


Cost of living in Portugal is definitely lower than United Kingdom (UK) but don't forget that all the moving cost like new house, new furniture, etc, may require you to spend a huge initial outlay


It is advisable if you can first spend a vacation in Portugal just to know how it really feels to live there. Do this before buying a home or transferring all of your funds here.


Near Your Home Country. Spending your retirement years in another country doesn't mean that you have to leave behind everything in your native country. No matter how perfect your retirement location is, chances are you will still come back to your native country. Of course, there will always be family and friends to visit. Therefore it is good if your retirement location is near or accessible to your native country.


In Portugal where most houses live far from one another and expatriates sometimes have to travel long distances to have a social activity, you may feel sad or alone.


Examine your location. Can you find everything you need there like supermarkets, church, hospitals, etc. A city where an association or group of expatriates exists would prove to be very helpful as you start a new life in an unfamiliar environment.


There is nothing wrong in retiring overseas, just don’t underestimate the value of careful planning and preparation. This is crucial in making your retirement years as rewarding and enjoyable as ever.


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