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Jun 24, 2008
The Pros and Cons of Living and Working in Dubai
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One place in the world that is teeming with expatriates is the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The bustling economy, unrestricted lifestyle, and mix of different culture make Dubai a very attractive place for foreigners to settle.


However working in Dubai also presents several downsides. To ensure that you are making the right decision, take a look at the following:


The Advantages


There are minimal rules to break in Dubai. Compared to other countries in the Middle East, Dubai residents enjoy great amount of freedom such as girls can freely hang around with members of the opposite sex in public; consumption of alcoholic beverages is not prohibited, etc.


Dubai is a city with various and many employment opportunities that offer attractive salary. Whatís more, UAE charges low tax and those employed in economic free zones enjoy free tax.


Working and living in Dubai is exciting because you will get to experience an interesting mix of culture. Since Dubai has become a culture hub, you will get to meet people of different nationalities.


The issues plaguing those currently living and working in Dubai mainly relate to the cost of housing and infrastructure breakdown caused by the speed at which the emirate has grown


The Hazards

High Cost of Living: Unfortunately, the rapid economic growth also makes Dubai a very expensive place to live in. The high house rates, costly basic amenities, etc, are just some of the reasons why many expatriate workers find it difficult to save money here in spite of having high-paying jobs.


Traffic is Worse: If you find traffic in your place unbearable, then Dubai is not the place for you where traffic is even more congested. The heavy traffic makes going from place to place stressful. Added to that is the fact that traveling around the emirates can be very expensive too. There is an option to rent a house that are close to the business districts to avoid the hassle but that would entail paying a more expensive house rent.


The Scorching Sun. In Dubai, the summer is long and the sunís ray is so intense that even a short distance of outdoor walk is not advisable or bearable.


The Construction Pest. With extensive infrastructure projects, the constant construction activity can be annoying



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