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Mar 26, 2008
Plan a Budget trip to Southeast Asia!
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Almost everybody welcomes the idea of travel but is often discouraged by the thought that they need quite a large amount to finance their trip. The solution: plan a trip to Southeast Asia! This Asian region is the most popular destination for travelers with limited budget but want to have the experience of a lifetime. Here are a few reasons why:

Visit several countries easily. Visit Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and Singapore without spending a fortune. A number of new airline companies that offers reasonable rates make it possible to hop from country to country easily in Southeast Asia.

Cheap but Hearty Meals. In Southeast Asia, your one or two dollars can pay one full meal in a food stall or economical restaurant.


Inexpensive Hotels. Your 15-dollar budget for a room to stay would go a long way in Southeast Asia. Many travelers here can survive for months going through different countries with that budget.

Great Sights to Behold. Boredom will be out of your vocabulary in this region. Aside from the various new and fun activities you can try, the region is filled with amazing tourists spots. There are historical monuments, interesting mosques, breathtaking sceneries, and wonderful beaches at every turn. The colorful Asian attractions would let you witness events like festivals and rituals first-hand. Tourist can stay at length here and feel like there’s still so much to see and discover.

Definitely a Shopping Haven.  You will find that excellent bargains for classy handicrafts abound here. 

Among Southeast Asian countries, the most expensive to visit are Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia are cheaper destinations.


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