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Dec 21, 2010
How to Work in Italy
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For citizens of United Kingdom (UK) and other European Union (EU) countries who are thinking of working and living abroad, Italy is one good option where they can easily find employment. Italy automatically entitles work permit or special visa for citizens of EU-member countries.


In addition, there are no restrictions in Italy regarding the granting of work permit for EU citizens. However, a residence permit will be required after three months of stay in Italy. You can apply for a residence permit at the Foreign Department (Uffi­cio Stranieri) of the Police Headquarters (Questura).

Documents for identification like passport and passport pictures are required. Other documents may be requested depending on the reason for prolong stay and job specialization.


The requirements for application are the following: passport or similar identification including passport photographs. Whether you need to produce any further documents depends on why you want to continue your stay in Italy and job specialization.


For those whose reasons for residence permit application are employment have to show evidence of their employment (e.g employment clearance).

Employers who refuse to abide by the bonding and insurance requirements and the standard employment contract may hire Filipino workers only through licensed recruitment agencies willing to assume responsibility for the employees.


In-demand jobs:


Professionals from the Information, Technology and Communication are in-demand as well as English teachers. A good command of the English language will be very beneficial in France. However, you must also take time to know Italian words and phrases as there are many Italian who don’t speak English.

Entrepreneurs who intend to start a business in Italy have to provide a proof that they want to open an independent business in Italy.

Foreign workers and businessmen in Italy may be given a residence permit that is valid for five years. After 5 years, they can again apply for an extension.


Compensation received by a foreign jobholder must not be less than that of an Italian employee performing a similar job. In fact, it is unlawful for paid compensation to be consid­erably below the average compensation common to the relevant sector of in­dustry.


Job Search


Try online job exchanges, (e.g. or newspapers (e.g. ‚Il Corriere della Sera' and ‚La Repubblica', ‚Il Messaggero' in Rome). You can also register at the Labor Office (Ufficio di Collocamento).


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