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Feb 11, 2008
Are You Still In-Demand in the 21st Century?
- Maria Theresa Samante Email this article

Knowing the jobs that are likely to die out in the 21st century and the jobs that will be in-demand is essential in deciding the career path to pursue. An article written by Brian Wingfield in provides insights to the future labor trends.

According to the article, from goods-producing economy, the United States of America will move to services-producing economy. The US government predicts that by 2014, manufacturing job will move overseas thus it will cause a 5% decline. Textile workers like sewing machine operators, will also suffer with a 36% decline on its workforce.

There will also be a decrease of demand for journalists and radio announcers. Despite the rise of media outlets and newspaper, the demand for journalist will fall since the Internet will replace print. Radio announcers on the other hand will also suffer to a 5% decline due to the consolidation of radio stations.

As the advancement of technology continues, office positions will have a 36% fall. Manufacturer of manual photo will fall of about 30% because of the boost of digital cameras.

And what would happen to federal workers?

After the 9-11 bombing, Washington hired about 2 million people, excluding the military, for the country’s security. It was recorded as the largest employer of the country. But by 2014, some jobs will moved to state and local government, added to that is the increased use of private contracting companies, thus, only 1.6% of what was recorded in 2004 will increase.

There will be a 2% increase in the number of programmers between 2004 and 2014. But programmers must have a specialization in this field like cyber security.

Travel agent business is also at risk since you can now book flights online. However the US Department of Labor said that there will only be 6% demise in travel agent jobs in 2014.

The demand for luxury and specialty travel, and increased spending on tourism, will buoy the industry somewhat. If you do plan to be a travel agent, it is recommended to find a niche field or specialize in specific-destination trips. Travel agents may also find success in organizing groups of foreign visitors to their home markets. But remember, the travel industry is highly connected to swings in economic conditions as quoted from the article.

There’s still a need for bank tellers. The article also stated that the House of Representatives reported that between 2000 and 2005, there’s a 103% increase in the government who are spending contracts.

According to Anthony Spadafore, director of Pathfinders, a career counseling company in Alexandria, Va, you must not be discouraged if your career is not included in the list of job that would outshine in the future, instead push harder so you’ll be competitive if the time comes that the industry is slowing down.


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