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Dec 31, 2007
Tighter Rules for Visitors in Britain
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An announcement from the British Home Office revealed the proposal to implement stricter visa policies for visitors to Bahrain. The need to create tighter policies was launched when the United Kingdom (UK) government said that that more than one million fingerprints were collected from foreign nationals that would like to enter UK through its biometrics visas program.


Under the proposed rule, foreign visitors can only stay in Britain for three months instead of six. A financial deposit will also be required for foreign visitors as a guarantee that they will return home. Other types of visa would also be created such as the specific business and specialist visa, and specific visa for one-off events (e.g. Olympics).


Liam Byrne, UK Immigration Minister said, "Tougher checks abroad mean we keep risky people out. By next spring we'll check everyone's fingerprints when they apply for a visa; now we're proposing a financial guarantee as well - not for everyone, but where we think there's a risk."


Bryne added, "Our aim is to make the system both more secure, but also to ensure that we maintain the UK's position as a destination of choice for tourists. In 2006, people from overseas spent 15.4 billion pounds in the UK with the tourism industry employing 1.4 million people."


As of this writing, UK visa applicants (either for work, study or travel) in over 120 countries worldwide have to provide fingerprints if they want to visit the United Kingdom. More than 10,000 visa applicants for were identified by the UK Biometric checks


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