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Dec 24, 2007
Skilled workers wanted in London
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

London is currently looking for skilled workers overseas due to the increasing skills gap of the businesses in the country according to a report in


The report cited that in the latest survey done by the CBI-KMPG London Business Survey, two out of three companies will suffer from skills shortage over the next six months, thus, majority of the companies here are now recruiting workers from overseas.


Some companies who already recruited workers from overseas said that they are still increasing the recruitment of manpower from outside United Kingdom, 83% were bringing in candidates with higher, degree-level skills contrary to the statements that overseas workers in the UK often perform low-skill jobs.


The report also says that, John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general, said British graduates were competing in the job market with a ‘top slice of talent’ from overseas universities.


“To remain attractive to employers UK graduates need better careers advice and stronger employability skills in areas like team working and communication,” Cribland said as quoted in the report.


London KPMG senior partner, Ian Barlow, said that it was important businesses in London had access to skilled labour from abroad. “There is so much that needs to be done to upskill our own Londoners to enable them to compete for these jobs,” he said.




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