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Jan 28, 2008
How to apply for CGFNS Credentials Evaluation (CES) Report
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

The CGFNS Credentials Evaluation (CES) is a prerequisite of many organizations in the United States (US) for nurses or any related study who wish to work or study in the United States. It analyzes the credentials of various types of nursing-related professionals educated and licensed outside of the United States.


The CES Report helps qualified healthcare professionals demonstrate the merits of their credentials with regard to U.S. standards.


Two types of CGFNS CES Report

The CGFNS currently offers two types of CES reports; Healthcare Profession & Science Report and Full Education Course-by-Course Report. The CGFNS advised the applicants to contact the organization or the recipient that asked to receive CES Report to find out which type of report is required.


  • Healthcare Profession & Science Report – This report gives general information about the education and professional registration/license that you earned outside the United States. The Healthcare Profession & Science Report describes all foreign education and licensure in terms of similar U.S. professions and indicates the U.S. comparability. When we send your CES Report to the requested recipient(s), we will attach a copy of your healthcare academic records.

  • Full Education Course-by-Course Report – This report contains the same information as the Healthcare Profession & Science Report but is more detailed and it lists EVERY COURSE from your professional education program and provides comparable U.S. credit hours for each course.

The Healthcare Profession & Science Report and Full Education Course-by-Course Report both contain an analysis of secondary and professional education, country-specific background information about schools attended by the applicant, complete dates of attendance, validations or registration/license information received directly from source authorities, and bibliographical references. The information stated in the report is explained in terms of U.S. standards.


How to Apply for CFGNS CES


  1. Identify the Report recipient and the type of report required.

  1. Complete a CES Application Form and send it with full payment to CGFNS. The CGFNS will send you an identification number.

  1. Prepare and send the Request for Academic Records Form to any nursing or nursing-related post-secondary schools that you attended outside the United States, asking them to send your records to CGFNS. Send a photocopy of your secondary school certificate/diploma.

CGFNS reviews all academic records that we receive from your healthcare or post-secondary schools. Then we match them against our global database to find information about the specific school and grading system.


  1. Prepare and send the Request for Validation of Registration/License Form to your initial licensing authority and all other licensing authorities outside of the U.S. who have issued you licenses/registrations, asking them to send us your records. The CGFNS will review all registrations/licenses and validates that they come from the issuing source.

  1. Check your status online at or through the automated phone system (215) 599-6200 using your CGFNS identification number and date of birth. Respond to any correspondence from CGFNS regarding missing items.

After CGFNS receives and evaluates all of the required documentation, they issue a report to the designated recipient. They also send you (the applicant) a copy of the report.


It is the CGFNS’ discretion to evaluate only the materials that it considers relevant to the CES Review. For more information please visit the CGFNS website at



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