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Dec 3, 2007
How to Choose the Right Apartment in London
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

It is necessary that you are comfortable with the apartment where you opt to stay while having a vacation in London. This article will help you decide whether you will stay in an apartment or in a hotel.


Some of the questions we will help you answer are the following: What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel? How much will you save if you stay in an apartment rather in a hotel? What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in an apartment?


Staying in a Serviced Apartment


Serviced apartment can be a studio flat style (one room with a kitchen) with one, two or three bedrooms. It has a separate bedroom, sitting lounge, kitchen and you also hold your keys to your own door. Unlike hotel, guest only pay for a nightly rate and it is like a home away from home because a flat has everything that you want in your own home.


All apartments enjoy maid service, utilities and a management team just like a hotel.


Why choose serviced apartment?

It is cheaper to stay in a service apartment because you will pay per apartment and not per head. Added to that is that you only have to pay on a nightly basis. Although there is no 24-hour restaurant in a serviced apartment, there are some apartments and hotels, which are owned by one person and they can offer you the use of their restaurant and their services.


Staying in an apartment is like staying in your own home. You also have the freedom and privacy since you hold the keys of your own door.


Apart from that, it is easy to book for a serviced apartment unlike hotels. There is no deposit and no tenants’ contract. They require a credit card to guarantee pre-payment before you arrive.


As compared to hotels, serviced apartments, which is managed by a small team who work from Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm, hotels have 24-hour restaurant and room service. You will also enjoy the pool, massages, and saunas available in the hotel.


In choosing a serviced apartment, you must consider the:


Quality of the apartment - Of course, you would not want to stay in a messy apartment. Since you would stay there for a long period, make sure that you are comfortable with your place. To ensure the quality of the apartment check out the photos and try to book an appointment to view the apartment.


Approachable management teamit is nice to stay in an apartment with a friendly and efficient management team. It is easy to approach the management for anything you need if the team is friendly.


Opening time of the apartment office You might be wondering why the opening time of the apartment office is important. This is because you have to get the keys at the office. If you arrive beyond the office hours, you’ll need to pick up the keys in different location.

Key delivery by car at the airportSome apartments hire taxi to deliver your keys at the airport upon your arrival. You will be charged a small amount but will be for your convenience.


Payment procedure and cancellation policy – Before you confirm your reservation, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the management. Apartment management accepts credit card as means of payment. Some management asks for full pre-payment at least 7 days prior to arrival. Cancellation of the reservation should be made from 12 pm on the day of arrival to 28 days.


Apartments are always allocated on arrival - This policy is the same as any hotel, so unless you are a regular guest to a specific apartment, apartments are on allocations. Some apartments only have a small number of flats, so if you are reserving only 3 bedrooms penthouse in their collection, then you are guaranteed that specific apartment.


Rates become more competitive the longer you stayIf you are going to stay in the apartment for a long period or time, there is a possibility that you can book the apartment for a cheaper cost. Your apartment agent can help you a lot in negotiating with variety of apartments until you get the best deal.


Have an apartment agent to help you book the apartment you need. Your apartment agent can be of great help. They can help you a lot in negotiating with the price of the apartment and they can make the impossible become possible.


What if you don't like the apartment? Tell the apartment management team immediately that you don’t like the place and ask them if they can move you to another apartment. If ever it will not work, you can talk to your apartment agent and ask him if that is what you have agreed with.



Binh Zientek

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