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Oct 23, 2010
New Zealand Work Permit
- Maria Theresa Samante Email this article

Work Visa and Permit Policy is given to a migrant only on a temporary basis. It also indicates the duration of your stay in the country. New Zealand requires Work Visa and Permit Policy so that skilled migrants can contribute to the development of the industry and economy of the country.


If you are holding a Work Visa, you will be able to travel to New Zealand. Upon your arrival, a Work Permit will be issued to you. Citizens of New Zealand or New Zealand Residence Permit holders, as well as Australian citizens or Australian residents, who hold a current Australian Resident Return Visa, do not need a permit to work in New Zealand.


In securing a Work Visa/Permit, you must:

  • Be in good health and of good character;
  • Have a valid passport; and
  • Genuinely intend to work lawfully in New Zealand for a limited time.

Work Permit Streams

Work Visas/ Permits in New Zealand have two streams, skilled and family streams.


The Skilled Stream

The Skilled Stream is consists of 4 broad policies; Work to Residence Policy, Study to Work Policy, Work to Residence Policy, General Work Policy, and Specific Purpose or Event Policy, and a small group of other categories. These policies facilitate the entry of skilled people to work in New Zealand.


Work to Residence Policy

The Work to Residence Policy facilitates the entry of people whose skills or talents are in demand, and provides these people with a pathway to residence.


General Work Policy

The General Work Policy facilitates the entry of people required on a temporary basis to fill shortages where New Zealanders are either not available or cannot be readily trained to do the work.

Specific Purpose or Event Policy

The Specific Purpose or Event Policy facilitates the entry of people whose skills, attributes or expertise are needed for a specific purpose or event likely to benefit New Zealand, where their employment in New Zealand does not put employment opportunities for New Zealanders at risk.


Students and Trainees Policy

The Students and Trainees Policy facilitates the entry of overseas students and trainees to gain practical work experience in New Zealand as part of their studies.


Study to Work Policy

The Study to Work Policy facilitates the entry of overseas students who have completed a qualification in New Zealand or who have completed a course with a minimum completion time of 3 years to undertake employment after their studies.

Other Categories

This policy facilitates the entry of

  • Applicants with specialist skills identified as contributing to New Zealand's economic development;
  • Ministers of religion, missionaries and members of religious orders;
  • Interpreters from Japan; and
  • Crew of chartered foreign fishing vessels.

The Family Stream

The Family Stream enables partners of holders of Work Visas/Permits to undertake a temporary job in New Zealand, including holders of Student Visas who are able to meet the requirements.

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