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Oct 15, 2007
Work in New Zealand
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

The door of New Zealand (NZ) is wide open for skilled foreign workers and professionals because of the current labor shortage in several industries.


People who have a great chance to work and live in New Zealand are those whose occupations are included in NZís Immediate Skills Shortage List.

It is also important that applicants meet the required years of experience and other qualifications to be offered a job and issued a work permit in New Zealand.


Applicants need to comply with the immigration requirements of New Zealand. Fortuately, it said that the migration system of New Zealand is one of the simplest in the world.


New Zealand has a Skilled Migrant Program to encourage foreign workers to move to New Zealand. The program works on a points system and the following are important factors to consider:


Below 56 years of age

Has a tertiary or trade qualification

At least two years work experience

Has a job offer in New Zealand


The list shows the professions are in demand in New Zealand nowadays.


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