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Oct 22, 2007
Kuwait Visit Visa Update
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

It is illegal and prohibited for visit visa holders in Kuwait to seek employment and be deployed there. To legalize status, residence visa is needed. Recently we gave you information on how to acquire visit visa, business and for relative in Kuwait as well as the requirements and penalty for overstaying visitors in the county.


With this regard, we would like to give you an update on family visa, visit visa and visit visa to dependent or work visa:


Family Visas

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior has decided to allow expatriates of all nationalities, barring Iraqis, to bring their families to Kuwait provided their monthly salaries are KD 250 or more and they hold a university certificate. Local newspaper further reports that immigration departments in all governorates are accepting dependant visa applications of those planning to bring their immediate kith and kin if they fulfill the required conditions in this regard.


Visit Visas

However, visit visas are still being issued only to first-degree relatives like father, mother, wife and children with exceptions in some rare situations.


Visit Visa to Dependent or Work Visas

Furthermore, visit visas cannot be transferred into dependant visas except in the case of babies. Also, visit visas cannot be transferred into work visas but those arriving on business visas can get the work visa from the same company sponsoring his or her visit. However, such applicants have to stick to their proper profession. For example, if an expatriate wishes to work as a pharmacist, he cannot come through a general contracting company. On humanitarian grounds, the Interior Ministry exempted babies from the ban on transferring visit visas to dependent visas.


It is a must that you hold a proper visa before entering in Kuwait, or any county, to avoid conflict between you and your host county. Holding a proper visa will also save you against abuse of employer.  


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