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Aug 27, 2007
Money-Saving Tips for Travelers
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

Almost everybody dream of traveling and exploring different areas of the word. However, not all can afford its high cost. Taking a trip without worrying about money or leaving oneís job is only possible for the very rich travelers or by old folks who were able to save enough to enjoy their retirement years.

Young people nowadays have discovered the benefits of traveling and many are willing to try their luck in a foreign land. To accomplish this, serious saving is required. For those who cannot wait to start their travel adventure, here are a few tips to immediately raise the funds for that long awaited trip 

Save on Rent

Instead of staying in your own apartment or room, why not move in with your parents or a relative for a few months and save the money that is supposed to go to rent. You will also be excused from paying utility bills and avoid the hassles of living alone.

Sell some stuff

Do a little spring-cleaning and you will probably find some valuable stuff that you donít really need, have not been using and do not intend to use again. Organize a garage sale and sell old books, clothes, accessories, cdís and dvdís, etc.

Give up parties and night-outs for a while

Barhopping with friends is fun but if done in a regular basis may take its toll on your pocket. Eating and drinking out can be expensive. Try to minimize your social activities in preparation for your trip overseas.

Find a Part-time job

As a student, you probably have a few vacant hours between class periods and you mostly have the weekend all to yourself. Why not try looking for a part time job to augment your income and add to your travel money.

Buy Foreign Money

You will be using foreign money for your trip so why not buy foreign currencies like Euros or Sterling now. Buying it a few months before the trip may allow you to purchase it at a much lower rate .It can also be an effective strategy to ensure that you will not spend the money on other things.

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