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Aug 20, 2007
Taiwan Needs English Teachers
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

Taiwan is a relatively small country that enjoys warm and sunny weather all year. A cosmopolitan and a foreigner-friendly place, the population consists of diverse nationalities so foreigners in Taiwan will generally have an easy time adjusting. Foreign items and products including food are available here at an affordable price.


Taiwan is also a great work destination for English teachers. The demand for English instructors is not expected to lessen in the years to come. Being an English teacher in Taiwan may prove to be more difficult than teaching in Japan or South Korea as schools in Taiwan has high expectation on the teachers.


Unlike in the language schools of Japan and Korea, where teachers rely on standard course materials, English teachers in Taiwan are mostly left on their own devices. On the positive note, this gives the teacher more freedom and room for flexibility.


Apparently, Taiwan schools also offer higher salary than other Asian countries. The cost of living is also a lot cheaper as compared to Japan, but a little expensive than in South Korea. You can rent an apartment in Taipei for as low as $300 and you can afford some luxuries as you can eat out for only $5.


English teachers in an entry level teaching position employed in a language school usually receive $20 an hour. The pay can be higher in a pre-school or in doing private lessons.

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