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Aug 6, 2007
Math and Science Courses Encouraged in Australia
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

Australia is one of the various countries that are currently experiencing labor shortage. To solve the employment problem, the Australian government are pushing students to major in math and science courses.

According to experts, math and science majors are assured of numerous job offers by various companies upon graduation. A professor from Bella Vista said that this is the best time to  to study mathematics and computing courses.
Likewise, an associate head of the school of computing and mathematics from University of Western Sydney, Carmel Coady said that a number of prominent companies in Australia are in dire need of mathematically and statistically trained graduates.

Some of the companies are CSIRO, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, and banks and mining companies.
According to Coady, ''Australian universities are not getting enough of these graduates to supply our industry needs, and we're now importing a large proportion from overseas.”

There is a need to promote student’s interest in math and science. The result of a study conducted by the National Strategic Review of Mathematical Sciences Research in Australia confirmed this fact.

Acoding to Dr Coady, a change in the current perception of students in math as a difficult and useless subject is essential to encourage students to pursue career in math and science.

Coady empahsized, ''Mathematics and computing are vibrant industries and the opportunities for graduates with good analytical and communication skills are endless. It's fascinating work and is the key to solving the world's problems, from climate change to the human DNA structure.''

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