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Jul 30, 2007
Tips in Choosing the Right College Overseas Program
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

College education is a must in todayís competitive world. However, as the world gets smaller, sending your child abroad to study becomes a necessity.


Travel broadens the mind and will expose your child to different culture as well as prepare him/her to be competitive in the global world. If you are thinking of sending your child overseas for college, here are a few reminders:

Donít get too comfortable. Some overseas study program rarely allows students to experience living in another country. Students live in American dorms, are taught by American teachers and are provided with everything American. This practice is not helpful at all.

Effective overseas study programs must allow students to interact with the local community, speak their language, eat their food, and live their life. The experience will not be picture-perfect. There may even be mistakes and disappointments along the way. But it will provide your child with an enriching learning experience.

A guidance counselor/psychologist is a must. For a student to live and study in a foreign country, everything seems new, strange, exhilarating, and stressful at the same time. To help your child cope with the Ė of his/her new world, they need someone to talk to and share their burdens. A competent and English speaking counselor will be very helpful which students can share their

Take time to study the programís safety rules. You never know what will happen but at all circumstances, you always want to protect your child especially when he/she is miles away. So make sure that the overseas study program has clear, written crisis management and emergency evacuation plans.

Know the resident director of the overseas program. Aside from the study abroad office, you should also know who the resident director is because he/she is the one your child will rely on if something goes wrong. Donít forget to check the resident dorectorís resume and competence for.

Study the insurance policy. Good overseas study program does not allow the studentís family to rely on their own insurance. Choose a programs that covers medical insurance as well as other situations that parents might not think about.


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