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Jul 20, 2007
Hospitality Workers from Jamaica Needed in USA
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

A restaurant owner in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Trevor Baptiste employs Jamaican workers and considers this one of the best decision he has made. After employing overseas workers from Jamaica, Baptiste said his restaurant grows from an ordinary eatery to one of the hottest restaurant in Nantucket.


It was 1989 when the United States Hospitality Programme in started but it was 1997 when more or less 46 US employers started coming in Jamaica. By year 2000, the number increased to about 140.


Trevor Baptiste operates a restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and has 15 Jamaicans on his staff, eight of whom have been working with him since he decided to employ overseas workers in 2001.


According to Baptiste, "Jamaicans are simply a unique set of people; their service is in high demand in Massachusetts. Each time the season closes and they leave for home, there is a deafening hush in Nantucket, simply because the work ethic of the Jamaicans are second to none.


Hardworking and fun to be with, Baptiaste has nothing but praises for Jamaican wokers. He said, "Only the Jamaicans are willing to get up at 4:30 every morning to sizzle bacon and scramble eggs, and they have fun while doing it."


In an interview by The Sunday Gleaner, Baptiste said that he recruits his workers through a Jamaican company.


"Over the years, I have gotten my guys through a Jamaican-based recruiting firm. They have an office in Florida and I liaison with that office on a regular basis. I am very confident in their operations," he said. "The beauty is that once a Jamaican worker is shown how to carry out a particular task, he does not necessarily need supervision."


This year, the the U.S. Government's decision to put a 66,000 limit on foreign labour affected hundreds of Jamaicans that comes in each season. The visa limit also affected small businesses in the US that needs seasonal workers from Jamaica.


The protest of US businessmen urged the US Senate to pass a bill that exempted Jamaican hotel workers, who were hired in previous years, from the annual cap on H2B visas. 

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that's great experience for Jamaican and it would - Rhoshane Reid
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