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Aug 17, 2007
Be Part of the US Peace Cops
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article


It is common for fresh college graduates to feel like they are facing a blank wall. The number of options available makes it hard to choose. Some pursue the corporate ladder right away while some take the so-called gap year.


Taking the gap year is beneficial as it gives one an ample amount of time to rest and think what he/she really wants to do in life. One way to spend the gap year is by joining the US Peace Corps.


In exchange for doing volunteer services, joining the US Peace Cops exposes one to people of different culture and living in a totally different environment. Being a part of the US Peace Corps is an enriching educational experience while doing a noble deed of serving underprivileged communities in various parts of the world. The US government shoulders travel fees and other amenities.


The following are basic information about the US Peace Corps:


Every Peace Corp Volunteer is required to serve for two years and three months. This is 27 months of training and service overseas.

Knowing how to speak a foreign language is an advantage but not required as volunteers undergoes language training.


A college degree and on the job experience is required for most opportunities. However, volunteer works for community college students are also available.


The country where a volunteer wants to be assigned is taken in consideration but does not guarantee that a volunteer will be placed in a country he/she specified.  Volunteers are placed in a country where their skills and experience are most needed.


After 27 months as a Peace Corps member, volunteers receive $6,000 to help them as they begin a new life back in USA.


There is no maximum age limit to qualify for US Peace Corps . All volunteers though must at least be 18 yeas old.

To know more about the US Peace Corps and to apply, click here

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