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Jun 25, 2007
Asian Countries Need Foreign Workers
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

As economies of Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore continues to prosper, so are the opportunities for overseas workers. The positive economic development of the said countries opens more employment prospects for professionals and skilled workers.


The economic boom results to more labor demands to work on the construction of major infrastructures and industrial projects. Recruitment of foreign workers becomes necessary.


Taiwan and South Korea has job openings for factory workers. Other professions that are in-demand in Taiwan are Information technology (IT) professional and healthcare workers. On the other hand, Korea is in need of workers for their construction and shipbuilding industries.


Other Asian countries with job openings for foreign workers are Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. Listed below are the available jobs for each Asian country.


Asian Country

Available Jobs


IT professionals. Healthcare workers, Factory Workers, domestic helpers

South Korea

Workers for their construction and shipbuilding industries


Hotel managers, Supervisors, skilled workers including croupiers, dealers, chambermaids, and waiters/waitresses.


IT and related skills in Penang, Johore, and Kuala Lumpur

Skilled workers for the construction, ship building and ship repair industries in Johore need skilled workers

Casino workers and entertainers at Genting Highlands Hotels and Resorts


Workers for industries of oil and gas, hotels and restaurants, and construction

Skilled and professional workers such as fabricators, riggers, high-pressure operators, managers, and engineers


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