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May 28, 2007
How to Apply for a UK Visa
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

Foreigners who wish to work and live in the United Kingdom must be knowledgeable on the right and legal process of acquiring a UK working visa or permit. Here are important things you must take note of when applying for a work permit in UK:


What permit do you need? There are different kinds of UK visa and you must know which one do you specifically need and is eligible to apply. Information about different working visas are provided at the official website of the British Government’s official visa and work permit.

The following are the different types of working visa:UK Working Holiday Visa, UK Ancestry Visa/Right to Abode, UK Spouse Entry Visa, Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP), British or EU Member country passport, Sponsorship by a UK Employer.

An applicant may see that he or she is eligible in one or more UK visa. However, there are those who will find that he or she is not applicable for any type of work permit. In cases like this, the applicant must look for a UK employer that will sponsor his or her application.

Where should you go? After determining the type of UK visa you are eligible to apply, request for the application forms at nearest British High Commission, Consulate or Embassy. Oftentimes, the forms can be easily downloaded at the website.


What are the documents needed? The documents needed as well as the terms and conditions vary according to the type of permit you are applying to. The documents and application form must be submitted to the British High Commission or Consulate in your area.


How long is the processing? If your application is approved, you will receive a written confirmation from the British High Commission or Consulate. Each UK High Commission or Embassy have different processing times. Do not apply for the UK visa too early or too late.

A six-week processing period is the usual processing time for applications to the following types of visa: ancestry, working holiday, right to abode, spouse etc). The processing for Highly Skilled Migrant Program may take up to several months.

Watch out for the next article that will focus on the set of requirements for different types of UK visa.


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what will i do if my employer ask me to sent money - Asmin
what will i do if my employer ask me to sent money - Asmin
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