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Apr 16, 2007
Malaysia Wants Their Expert Workers Back
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

The Malaysian government wants Malaysian professional workers that has seek greener pasture overseas to return home. The program, Expert Returnee Program aims to solve the problem of brain drain by offering a number of benefits to Malaysian experts that are currently employed abroad.


The newest incentive they are giving to encourage a large number of Malaysian professionals to return home is the promise of permanent resident (PR) status for their foreign husband or wives. The permanent residency status will be granted within a short period of six months. The granting of PR status will allow a foreign national married to a Malaysian to work and live in Malaysia.


Before this benefit, the procedure of granting PR status to a foreigner married to a Malaysian citizen is long and discriminates based on gender. The procedure for Malaysian with foreign wives is much easier as compared to those with foreign husbands. Sometimes the granting of PR status takes up to ten years.


They believe that this new offer would increase the number of Malaysian experts that the country needs and cannot afford to lose to keep their economy afloat. They are also hoping that the new incentive would further increase the pool of professionals with the entry of Malaysians foreign spouses in the workforce.

However, to truly solve the problem of brain drain, there is a suggestion that the Malaysian government must offer the same incentive to Malaysian professionals presently employed in the country. This is to prevent the exodus of Malaysian experts for better job opportunities outside of

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