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Mar 29, 2007
Rotary Foundation Offers Scholarships Abroad
- Carmela Bignotia Email this article

Fifty years ago in 1947, the Rotary Foundation started Ambassadorial Scholarships. A program that is now the world's largest privately funded international scholarships program. It was created with an aim to break cultural differences and promote good international relations among citizens of different countries.


It is now the foundationís oldest and most popular program. Since the program started, almost 37,000 men and women from 100 nations were granted the privilege to study overseas. For the school year of 2005-06, almost 800 scholarships were awarded with the cost of total grant amounting to more or less USD 500 million. Scholars came from almost 70 different countries.


The program being offered is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and for qualified professionals that is pursuing vocational studies. There are various types of scholarships to choose from.


The scholars serve the people of their host country by acting as ambassadors of goodwill while they are studying. Part of their obligations is giving presentations about the country where they came from to Rotary clubs and other groups.


Upon completion of their studies, scholars return home and narrate to other Rotarians how the experiences made them appreciate their host country

The success and continuation of the Ambassadorial Scholarships is made possible through the Rotarians who generously contribute to finance the program. Rotarians from different parts of the globe do this with the hope and belief that the endeavor will produce future community and world leaders that is competent and values international relations.


How to Apply

For application process, deadlines, and scholarship availability, one should contact their local Rotary Club. This is because application may vary per Rotary district.


For more information about the Ambassadorial Scholarships Program, please visit

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