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Feb 17, 2007
Vietnamese Laborers Needed in Malaysia
- Maria Theresa S. Samante Email this article

About 2,500 Vietnamese, mostly females, are expected to land a job in Malaysia every month. The garment, electronics and seafood processing sectors will need most workers.


More and more workers are expected to swamp in Malaysia due to the rapid economic growth of the country.


Due to the deportation of some 380,000 illegal foreign workers, Malaysia is currently experiencing shortage of workers. So, to meet the current shortage and attract more foreign workers, the Malaysian government made some policies that are favorable for foreign workers. While on the other hand, Malaysian employers who will hire foreign worker can now avail the licenses to receive workers in one day unlike before that would take several weeks.


Vietnamese who’ll enter Malaysia are required to have certificates on speaking foreign languages either Malaysian or English which is granted by the Malaysian competent agencies and Vietnamese labor export companies.


Malaysian Companies recruiting workers complain that there’s still a shortage with the supply of workers. This is because, according to the Labourer Exporters’ Association, workers and local authorities do not have the exact knowledge about the policies and laws on how to legally send workers, this include the salary and working conditions. This causes the workers’ unawareness with their rights and responsibilities in working abroad.


Most Vietnamese are employed in garments, plastic production and mechanics sectors, while some are working in restaurants and supermarkets. The average income of workers in Malaysia will not be below $200 a month, those who are in the electronics enterprise can earn VND4mil a month.


Malaysian employers found satisfaction with Vietnamese workers, thus they’ll continue hiring Vietnamese workers. And for more years, the country will need 300,000 to 400,000 workers.


Even there’s a great demand for Vietnamese workers, the Labourer Exporters’ Association advised the labor export companies not to send workers in the construction industry. Construction works are only seasonal works and the living conditions of workers in this sector are very bad.

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